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Beware of the Leakage Man!

While constructing your new home, remember to waterproof the 5 important surfaces to ensure your home doesn't have unwanted guests like 'The Leakage Man!'

Watch the video to know more.

Types of WaterProofing . . .

Structural WaterProofing

    • Use LW+ integral waterproofing solution which enhances and modifies
    •  the properties of cement during construction, prevents cracks and dampness, increases the
    • strength of concrete, delays corrosion of steel bars, improves workability of mortar. Use LW+ for mild to severe dampness in internal walls.

External Walls WaterProofing

    The external walls face the direct brunt of rain and other

    changes in weather. Therefore, it is not enough to just

    decorate the building, but also waterproof it. Use These Product for waterproofing and decorative purposes.

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Water Tank WaterProofing

    Waterproofing water tank is necessary to protect concrete and prevent

    water leakage. Use These Product a two component waterproof coating for overhead water tanks. It is also safe for potable water.


Roof WaterProofing

    A roof is exposed to severe weather conditions throughout the year. 

    If a roof is not waterproofed properly, it leads to damp patches on the ceiling.

    In severe cases, water seeps down and results in ceiling damp patches & leakages. Use These Product range of solutions for waterproofing of your roof.


Bathroom WaterProofing

    Your bathroom is exposed to water and moisture every day.
    This dampness can not only damage the internal walls but also extend to the adjacent external walls. 
    This can result in flaking paint which can spoil the overall aesthetics of your home. Use These Product range of products for 100% leak free bathroom waterproofing.


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